Join us today to help your community transition to 100% renewable energy, connect low income people to farmers and healthy local food, and keep our wild spaces pristine.

We’ve all heard it: climate change is the biggest challenge of our times. Yet of all the environmental non-profits in the Columbia Basin, only 9% have any programming related to climate change.

At EcoSociety, not only are we primarily focused on climate change, we’re taking the deep dive to go beyond incentive programs and paper leaflets (although we do still use them). We’re working to create systemic change, right here in the West Kootenays, through engagement organizing that leverages our collective power as citizens to demand climate action. This enables our local elected leaders to take action as representatives of our concerns.

We can’t wait for provincial and federal governments, or international organizations to take the lead. We must lead by example, creating the preeminent rural Canadian model of inclusive, ecologically sound, community living. This includes ensuring that oppressed and vulnerable people, Indigenous Peoples and First Nations are engaged in local decision-making.

From our local markets that increase the sustainability of our local food systems and reduce food transportation emissions to our Renewable Kootenays initiative transitioning our region to 100% renewable energy by 2050, we’re in for the long haul. We hope you are too.

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